Outrage at North Carolina college after white students are told ‘to check their privilege’

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

A North Carolina university is currently embroiled in controversy over posters in a busy campus hub appeared, calling on white students and others to “check their privilege.”

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Students at Appalachian State University can see the posters, which call on white, male, able-bodied, Christian, or cisgender students to become aware of their privilege, at Plemmons Student Union, and the board has been up since last semester as debate rages on about whether or not it should be allowed.

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Conservatives are outraged over the board, which they believe is singling out members of a specific religion and is also an imposition of a political viewpoint in a prominent public area. Originally, the board appeared in a residential hall but was moved into a more public place.

Others agree with the message of the board but believe that the presentation and the placement leave much to be desired.

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“The content of the board is not inclusive, which is what an RA should be,” said one dorm resident who had seen the board. “I have a hard time believing that I should learn at [3 a.m.] on my way to the bathroom. I agree with what [creator Reggie Gravely] is getting across, but not how he’s doing it.”