Trump dances with black voters during visit to church in Detroit

Donald Trump is reaching out to the black community in hopes of gaining some more votes come November.

He spoke at a black church in Detroit on Saturday and said that black people of faith are “God’s greatest gift to our nation.”

Trump, along with Dr. Ben Carson and Omarosa Manigault, his director of African-American Outreach, traveled to the city to attend a special service at Great Faith International Ministries.

As the congregation sang, Trump could be seen with his eyes closed, a smile on his face, seemingly swaying to the music.

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This trip comes at a time where Trump is facing harsh criticism for his lack of support among the black community.

During his 20-minute speech, he pulled out all the stops to appeal to the congregation.

“For centuries, the African-American church has been the conscience of this country. So true.

“The African-American faith community has been one of God’s greatest gifts to America and its people.”

Trump promised that if he was elected president, he would create more jobs for impoverished black communities.

He also said that kids in poor neighborhoods will have better education than they have currently.

“But today, I’m here to listen,” he said, reading from his notes. “I mean it from the heart.”

“I want to help you rebuild Detroit, make the city the economic envy of the world,” he said to applause. “Things are going to get better.”

He went on to say that black churches were the foundation of the civil rights movement.