Jesse Williams helps to provide scholarships for students in need

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Jesse Williams isn’t a Hollywood actor who speaks on issues in the black community from a removed frame of reference. Before making his mark as an actor, Williams was a high school teacher.

He witnessed firsthand the disadvantages that students face if they couldn’t afford college. “I had countless students forced watch their own potential fade into memory simply because they weren’t born into the resources necessary to absorb a higher education,” Williams said.

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Williams has teamed up with a scholarship app, Scholly, as a member of their advisory board, in efforts to match resources to students in need.

The Scholly app allows students keep track of scholarships they apply for and have won at the tip of their fingertips on their phones. It was the brainchild of Christopher Gray, who won $1.3 million dollars in scholarships and appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank with his idea.

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“There is no substitute for equal access — there is no substitute for a quality education,” said Williams.

Williams posted a video to highlight the effort to support students’ educational dreams. Being woke and putting action steps to it? We like the way that sounds!

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