The curvy ‘teacher’ who went viral for dressing sexy has been reprimanded

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Patrice Brown, the curvy Atlanta teacher who was dubbed #TeacherBae by the internet after posting pictures of her outfits that she wore to school, has been reprimanded by Atlanta Public Schools for her wardrobe.

Following the uproar after many critics claimed that Brown’s clothes were “too tight,” with some users on social media even going so far as to call it “clubwear,” APS released a statement on the matter. Administrators said that Brown was not a teacher but a paraprofessional who was “given guidance regarding the APS Employee Dress Code.”

— 400 students gather outside their cancer-stricken teacher’s house to serenade him — 

The policy prohibits “immodest dress, tight or otherwise revealing,” and so the tight outfits worn by Brown could be considered to break that policy.

However, Brown’s proponents say that the uproar is more about sexualizing Brown’s curvy body rather than the dress code, pointing out that the clothes would likely fit people with different body types in a manner that no one would call “clubwear.”