Tyre King ‘likely’ ran from police when fatally shot

An independent medical examiner hired by the family of 13-year-old Tyre King said that he was “more likely than not” killed while he was running from police.

“Based on the location and the direction of the wound paths it is more likely than not that Tyre King was in the process of running away from the shooter or shooters when he suffered all three gunshot wounds,” the examiner, Dr Francisco Diaz, said, according to a statement from the family.

The family hired the independent examiner after being told by the local coroner’s office that the results of the autopsy, which had been completed, would not be available for six weeks.

According to the family, Diaz found that Tyre died from three gunshot wounds, to his temple, collarbone, and left flank, “any of which could be determined to have been cause of death.”

In their statement, the family again asked for the police to be removed from the investigation and for an independent probe to be launched, saying, “The Columbus police department, the City of Columbus and most importantly Tyre King and his family deserve the benefit of an investigation from a law enforcement agency that has no direct impact from the outcome of that investigation.”