Conservative activist Jesse Lee Peterson claimed on Monday that President Barack Obama has turned the United States “into a ghetto.”

Peterson was speaking about his recent column in which he urged Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to be harsher in his fight against the “evil” Hillary Clinton when he went off on a tangent about how “America has been hell” and “a nightmare” under the president.

He claimed that the reason for this “hell” and “nightmare” scenario was simply that black people lack “character” and “destroy” wherever they live. He even went on to claim that if all the white people left the country, “America will have become a complete ghetto” within ten years of their exit.

“Just like when white people move out of the cities, when blacks start moving in, whites pack up and leave, and it’s already nice and beautiful and the only thing that blacks need to do is go in and continue what’s already happening. But instead they go in and they destroy it. Isn’t that amazing?” Peterson said.

He went on to say give his reasons for claiming Obama has made America “hell,” claiming that “he’s a man who lacks character,” he “has a ghetto personality” and “his soul is dead, he’s an evil man and he’s turned this country into a ghetto.”