The story of Nat Turner’s slave revolt is finally hitting the big screen.

‘The Birth of a Nation’ opens nationwide October 7, a film that has been seven years in the making.

The highly-anticipated release has been met with much discussion surrounding director Nate Parker’s past rape allegation and acquittal. It’s a topic Parker has addressed in several prime-time interviews.

‘Birth of a Nation’ stars like Gabrielle Union, a rape-survivor, have stood by the film and encouraged people to see it.

“I took the film to talk about sexual violence as it’s been used historically as a weapon of mass destruction that destroys the psyche and soul of our community,” Union told VIBE magazine.  “It just seems ass backwards to distance myself from a film that creates and gives me the platform to talk about sexual violence.”

Check out an exclusive clip from the movie featuring Union and her on-screen husband Colman Domingo.

'The Birth of a Nation'

Check out this exclusive clip from 'The Birth of a Nation' featuring Gabrielle Union and Colman Domingo. The movie hits theaters nationwide this Friday, October 7.

Posted by TheGrio on Thursday, October 6, 2016