Pregnant woman thrown to ground, pepper sprayed by security guard

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A pregnant Memphis woman claims that she was thrown to the ground and pepper sprayed by security guards at an apartment complex.

Camri Denton said that she was told to leave after an apartment caught fire, despite the fact that “my name is on the lease,” she told Fox 13. She claimed that she was just trying to help a relative who lived in the apartment.

Her family then caught the entire exchange with security guards on camera.

“Ma’am, you are causing a riot out here,” the guard said, according to Fox 13. “You are causing people out here to act crazy.”

Denton claimed that the guard “snatched me up by my wrist” and almost broke her wrist. She also claimed to have been slammed against the wall, pepper sprayed and handcuffed.

“I don’t understand how security is able to get away with things like this,” her father, Andre Buford, said. “Especially when your job is to secure the problem, not cause problems.”