Black architect reveals why racist bank wouldn’t deposit her check

Trish Doolin, a black female architect with Nelson, Inc., says Key Bank refused to deposit her check because they suspected her of not being who she was.

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Trish Doolin, a black female architect with Nelson, Inc., took her first check to Key Bank because her direct deposit was not yet set up.

But 15 minutes later, she received a call from the bank manager telling her that there was an issue with her deposit. She was called back to the bank, where the manager googled her company to check and see if it was real, examined her ID, and even called their HR department to verify that she was really employed there, all while questioning her about her job.

When the HR department didn’t immediately answer, the manager told her that a hold would be placed on her check for 9 days because her account had not been open for 30 days.

However, Doolin claims that her account had been open for 31 days, as she set it up on September 5.

“When I was called back into the store, I was interrogated,” Doolin told HuffPost. “The store representative did everything but hold my check up to the light, similar to how someone would check a $20 bill.”

“He suspected me of not being who I am,” she added.

“I will not be silent about this. The bank representative even suggested that I take my check to a check cashing place. Imagine that. I will be contacting an attorney.”