Craigslist hairstylist pepper sprays client for complaining about her hairdo

Jessica Mahecha was not happy with the hairstylist that she found on Craigslist, but when she complained about her hairdo, the stylist, who went by the name ‘Freddy’, pepper sprayed her for complaining.

Mahecha found Maryam Simpson on a Craigslist ad, and Simpson came to her apartment to do her hair on Oct. 13 when the two of them got into an argument over her hairstyle, which Mahecha was not pleased with.

“I didn’t want to dye my hair,” Mahecha told WCBS. “So I had requested that she do an extension so I didn’t have to touch any of my personal hair.”

According to Mahecha, once she complained, Simpson attacked her and pepper sprayed her.

“I had the police on the phone when she attacked me with pepper spray,” Mahecha said.

Although Simpson fled the apartment before police could arrive, police were able to track her down and arrested her on Monday. She was charged with aggravated assault and a weapons offense.

Meanwhile, Mahecha has been treated for the injuries that she sustained during the incident.