When Trump loses, angry whites will turn violent

Election Day is approaching, and it begs the question: What will the crazy white folks do when Trump loses this thing?

“Crazy” as in the armed and violent racists supporting Trump, some of whom are unhinged, unstable and full of hate and vitriol. Some are members of the alt-right, the Klan or your white supremacist group of choice. And judging by what we’ve seen throughout Trump’s presidential campaign, there is evidence that things could get ugly.

The rise — and hopefully fall — of Trump was years in the making. Just look at history of the Republican Party — from Barry Goldwater’s opposition to civil rights and Nixon’s Southern Strategy to Reagan’s “welfare queen” and Bush Sr.’s “Willie Horton” to the embrace of the Birther, Tea Party and alt-right movements.

The Republican Party led by Trump is now fully on board with the white nationalism brand. After all, The Crusader, the official newspaper of the Ku Klux Klan — one of America’s oldest and best known domestic terror organizations and our own version of ISIS — has endorsed the GOP presidential candidate. “While Trump wants to make America great again, we have to ask ourselves, ‘What made America great in the first place?'” said the article. “The short answer to that is simple. America was great not because of what our forefathers did – but because of who our forefathers were. America was founded as a White Christian Republic. And as a White Christian Republic it became great.”


The Klan, along with neo-Nazis, armed militias and other Trump supporters, plan to heed his call and monitor urban polling places in order to suppress the black vote. Fearing white genocide, they truly want to make America great and white again. For his own part, Trump has ginned up hysteria among his base, warning that Hillary and the media are rigging the election and that people of color are engaging in voter fraud.

America has a painful history of racial terrorists intimidating African-American voters, typically through physical violence and murder. And through his rallies, which would make Hitler’s brown shirts blush, he has provided a forum for angry, aggrieved and low-information whites to unleash their fury on Latino immigrants, Muslims and Black Lives Matter protesters. Even black Trump supporters are not immune to humiliation and racial epithets, even from Trump himself, which makes you wonder why black people would back Trump in the first place.

We know that at least some among Trump’s minions are itching to lynch somebody. For example, at a recent University of Nebraska football game, two fans depicted the lynching of President Obama:

Meanwhile, a parade in Aurora, Indiana, featured a float depicting Trump executing his opponent Hillary Clinton:

To make matters worse, five Republican politicians have called for the murder of Clinton, by hanging or gunshot. And in Greenville, Mississippi, a black church was set on fire and vandalized, with the words “Vote Trump” painted on the building.

Trump supporters are openly calling for civil war, violent revolution and assassination if the GOP nominee — who may not accept the election results — loses. This, in a nation where little, angry white men — unable to win a fist fight, much less a battle of ideas — require big guns and bullets to bully black people, feel superior and validate themselves. They always used violence to take what they believed was theirs and to keep others in their place.

The hate groups and racial terrorists who back Trump will not take a Clinton victory lightly. And after losing at the ballot box in the face of a multicultural America, we should expect they will take matters into their own hands.

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