Wealthy residents in Trump Tower are having a hard time getting in and out of the building because of the massive protests taking place against Donald Trump.

Secret Service agents are stationed both inside and outside the building, and traffic is basically at a standstill around the place as protesters have surrounded the building. One top broker says he is already fielding calls from residents wanting to move out because of the hassle.

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“They can’t get into their own homes without being stopped and frisked and having to show ID,” the broker said. “These are wealthy people. They don’t need this, and they can’t take it any longer. They no longer want to stay there. Some of them are already planning on moving out, and they’ll decide later whether or not they want to sell.”

In addition to Trump Tower, the protests and safety concerns have extended to shops all along that Fifth Avenue corridor, many of which are deserted. In particular, Trump’s retail shop, Gucci, was entirely deserted, as was the Tiffany & Co. next door.

“Our general manager is meeting with Trump’s people now, deciding what to do,” the supervisor at Gucci said. “We apologize for the hassle.”