NBA star Derrick Rose demands $70,000 from rape accuser

Now that Derrick Rose has been cleared in a civil trial, he is demanding $70,000 from the woman who accused him of rape.

Rose filed papers in California court claiming that he and his friends who had been accused with him were “entitled” to “expenses they necessarily incurred in defending themselves against…false claims.”

The woman accused Rose along with his manager Randall Hampton and childhood friend Ryan Allen of drugging and gang raping her. However, the men maintained that the sex was consensual.

— Derrick Rose is cleared in rape case, poses with jury after verdict — 

Rose claimed in the papers that the “aggressive pursuit of false claims… have taken an enormous, costly and irreparable toll on (him) and his public image and reputation.”

The motion, filed November 5, calls for her to pay $70,917.16, a sum that he claims is compensation for trial costs, including witness fees, depositions, reporter’s transcripts and fees for service of process.

However, the woman has claimed that the “financial disparity” between her and Rose gives her grounds to refuse to pay. She has also previously filed a “declaration of financial hardship” in order to refuse to pay.

In response, Rose pointed to her own description of herself as “a 30-year-old woman who owns a home” and “owns a Cadillac.”