White trolls infiltrate celebratory #ThankYouObama because…racism.

The celebratory hashtag #ThankYouObama was the number one trending topic Tuesday evening during BET’s television special “Love & Happiness: An Obama Celebration.” But as Black Twitter and others online shared their love for the Obamas and their historic legacy in the White House, white trolls took it as an opportunity to crash the party.

It was all love and happiness as many took to social media to send their love notes to President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama for their service to the country, while doing it in grace and style.

“Thank you God for allowing me to witness a President & First Lady that look like me. It reassures that anything is possible! #ThankYouObama,” tweeted @mslovejones.

Twitter user @DestinyReelly20 wrote, “The President & First Lady are class, intelligence, grace and love. I’m not crying, I swear. #ThankYouObama.”


But it wouldn’t be the Internet without racist, white trolls using the viral hashtag as an opportunity to ridicule America’s first black president.

“#ThankYouObama for bringing racism back to America. Your silent consent to riots proves my point. Signed America,” tweeted one user.

Another tweeted: “#ThankYouObama for absolutely nothing …literally he’s done nothing…nothing at all…did I mention he gave us nothing.”

And the trolls just kept coming, but thankfully, the tweets didn’t ruin the Twitter block party in honor of our 44th president.

Grio fam, aren’t you going to miss the Obamas after they leave the White House?