Former NYPD cop sues police chief over abusive relationship

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A former New York police officer is suing police chief Jeffrey Maddrey after he allegedly forced her into an abusive sexual relationship for seven years.

Tabatha Foster took to Facebook to publicly decry Maddrey to claim that he had forced her into having sex with him and also accused him of having affairs with several other female cops. In particular, she accused him of “chasing pregnant married girls around the department,” writing, “What is wrong with this guy?”

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According to Foster, Maddrey preyed on her shortly after her divorce and also used the knowledge he had of the fact that she had endured sexual abuse as a child in order to manipulate her. She claimed that he began to prey on her in 2009 and summoned her to his office in order to have sex with her on-duty.

Foster claimed that when she confronted him about other NYPD officers that he was having sex with, he responded by threatening to release nude photos.

The NYPD investigated the claims against Maddrey, but it is unclear whether or not he was disciplined. Now, Foster has filed suit against him for $100 million.