All your holiday party survival tips in one place

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, so we absolutely must get out and spread some holiday cheer...

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, so we absolutely must get out and spread some holiday cheer.

That’s the good news. Even better news, you can send in your RSVP and enjoy every single holiday party you were invited to stress-free.

Just follow these holiday party survival tips and enjoy maintaining your health while you’re out being jolly.

Sweat For Breakfast
The number one time of the day when excuses are low and motivation is high is in the morning. Making this time of the day the most optimal time to sweat. And you don’t have to be a morning person either.

The goal is to just break a sweat before you break out your day’s to-do-list. You will not only feel more energized but you will be much more inspired to make healthy choices throughout the day. The key, however, is to make it short and focus on being short of breath. The higher the intensity, the less amount of time you have to spend, so save those leisurely jogs and long sessions in the weight room for 2017 and knock out some sprints and burpees instead.

Take Shots At Home First
Of water, not whiskey.

The biggest mistake many party animals make is showing up to the evening’s festivities dehydrated. So before you head down to the dance floor, make sure you down an 8-16 ounce shot of H2O at home. Then, when you make it to the bar, work in some hydration intervals by chasing every cocktail with a glass of water. You will not only drink less but that hangover that could stand in the way of your morning run the next day will be non-existent.

Spread Holiday Cheer In Your Fit Gear
Make your workout clothes work for you and embrace the fastest growing fashion trend this holidayy season  athleisure. With mesh leggings from Onzie, ladies, and the slacks like the Travel Pants from Fabletics, guys, no one will know you are wearing the same bottoms you hit the gym in when you hit the scene. In fact, the comfort and the style these multifunctional finds provide will keep you subtly mindful of your next workout as you work the room.

Eat Everything
Then, once you stunt on them in your Lycra, be sure to eat everything. In moderation that is. Depriving yourself during a season of temptations and indulgence is a binge fest waiting to happen. So do these two things  first, don’t show up on an empty stomach. Pregame with a small snack that will satisfy you without filling you up. Think a handful of almonds or a cup of broth-based soup. Second, before you load up your plate at the party, explore the entire spread first. Fill up on low-calorie foods like the vegetable platter and decide what succulent treats are really worth it by taking “tasting” portions of everything that looks appealing. Think a 1-2 bite spoonful. Then go back for a small portion of the things you really loved.

Work The Room, Work Your Mouth
But before you go back for that second round, work the room and your mouth in a different way. It is really hard (and rude) to eat and talk, so this year, be a bit more social while you let the first “tasting” plate digest by focusing on catching up with the people you do know and getting to know the folks you don’t.

I’m telling you, coming from a professional fit girl and social butterfly, I promise, you will instantly eat and drink less.

Robbie Ann Darby is a Texas-born, California-raised actress and dancer turned fitness expert. She has over 10 years of experience in the fitness and wellness industries and currently lives in New York City. Be sure to follow her fun and sweaty life on InstagramFacebook and Twitter for more RAD tips!