Superintendent apologizes after white students turn backs on basketball team

The superintendent of Warrensburg Schools has issued an apology after students at Warrensburg High School turned their backs on the players from Center High School as they were announced, with someone in the crowd holding up a Trump sign.

Video of the move surged across social media as many debated whether or not it was racist or just unsportsmanlike, with others noting that it was hard not to see the racial undertones of an all-black team from Center being subjected to this from the all-white Warrensburg students.

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“I was like wow. You guys are playing an all-black basketball team and you’re all white and it’s just, you turned around, hold up a Trump sign and I thought it was very racist,” said 20- year-old Center High graduate Antonia Nunn, who recorded the video. “It was rude. I didn’t like it at all. It wasn’t ok.”

“Where it went over the line is when they held up the [Trump] sign,” said Warrensburg R6 School District Superintendent Dr. Scott Patrick. “There’s no reason for that to occur at a basketball game so they just took it too far and it was insensitive and not appropriate.”

On Tuesday, Patrick issued a statement of apology, writing, “I was disturbed by the video. It was obviously inappropriate conduct on the behalf of a small number of our students. So that upset me. From the very beginning, we regretted that it happened and I apologize on behalf of our students and our school for the incident.”