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A video emerged on social media over the weekend that showed students of an Oregon high school ranting about black student enrollment. The two students in the video can be heard using racial slurs directed at the principal of Oregon City High School, Tom Lovell.

“What about n–gers?” someone chimes in from the background.

“Tom Lovell is a f–king n–ger who arranges five n–gers a day coming into the school at OCHS!” one of the student answers. “F–k him!”

— Oregon woman attacked with brick, called ‘N*gger Bitch’ — 

According to reports, Lovell has responded to the comments on Twitter saying this is “Exactly the type of negative behavior we are trying to stop. It won’t be tolerated. There will be severe consequences for this.”

This Monday, the school district released a statement explaining that an investigation is underway and that all of the students involved “will face disciplinary action up to and possibly including expulsion.”

“School administrators will also work with the students involved to make this situation a teachable moment and assist them in efforts to repair the pain caused by their actions and words,” the statement went on.

The video was first posted to Snapchat and was later shared on Twitter by Marcus Hasan, who is a former student at the school.

“It made me feel kind of sick because no one should be using [the n-word],” Hasan stated to the media. “When I saw the video, I just felt like I needed to post it because all the racist stuff that’s been going around in Oregon City, and I don’t think, like, everybody really knows what that word means and why they shouldn’t be saying that.”

Earlier in the year, Hasan’s girlfriend was a victim of racist backlash when she wore a Black Lives Matter shirt to school one day. She found a note on her home saying, “Go back to picking cotton, n–ger” and “Black lives doesn’t matter [sic]”.

The note went viral when she posted a picture of it on Twitter.

Then, in October, students of Oregon City High planned a walkout after a photo of a white student holding a sign that read, “Welcome back to the farm, n–ger,” went viral.

The mother and father of one of the students involved in the latest video released a statement that called their son’s actions “deplorable.” They also said that their son has apologized for his words and will be “engaged in organizations and/or programs that promote equality and tolerance.”