Woman calls police because her son was choked, officer arrests her instead

A woman who called police because she claimed her son had been choked by another man was arrested in a now viral video that’s prompted outrage online.

Video of the arrest was posted on Facebook Wednesday night and has already been viewed more than one million times.

Jacqueline Craig, 46, is seen on the video telling the arriving officer about the man she says put hands on her 7-year-old son. Craig told the officer the man claims her son had littered and not picked up the trash.

Craig can be heard saying that the man had “no right” to grab or choke her son because of a “paper he threw.”

The unidentified officer then responds, “Why don’t you teach your son not to litter?”

Video of the arrest:

From there, things went quickly went downhill.

Craig continued to insist that whether her son littered or not, it still doesn’t give the right to for anyone to put hands on him, let alone an adult.

The officer then asked Craig why she was yelling and threatened to take her to jail if she didn’t stop. Another woman, Brea Hymond, intervened to lead Craig away from the officer.

That’s when the officer can be seen grabbing Hymond and pulling out his Taser. It’s unclear if it was actually deployed, but Hymond falls to the ground. The officer then moves to Craig and arrests her while pointing the Taser in Hymond’s direction.

He then walks both Craig and Hymond in handcuffs to his squat car.

The Fort Worth Police Department tweeted out a statement Thursday morning that says Internal Affairs has begun an investigation into the video and incident: