Motorist who ditched Trump supporter hit with racial slurs

An Ohio man who posted a video on social media showing him refusing to help a stranded motorist because the car had a Trump sticker on it has generated controversy for his actions, or inaction in this case.

“I was going to help her but she has a #Trump sticker on her car #CallYoPresident,” Troy Brown wrote on Facebook in posting about the stranded motorist he had passed by on December 13.

He also added this comment on the post:

A list of people Trump voters can call for help:

1. Yo president
2. Exxon Mobil CEO
3. General Flynn’s son
4. The gunman at Comet pizza in D.C.

The responses to his post have been mixed, with some people arguing that he should help no matter the political leanings of the person in trouble. Others argued that because he was a black man, he might have gotten the police called on him by the Trump supporter if he had offered help.

In criticizing Brown, some took it too far, bringing racial slurs into their comments.

“Piece of black sh**,” wrote one person.

“Proof this man never made it pass 6 grade. All Lives Matter sh** face boy,” wrote another.

Still another said, “And that’s what’s wrong with people nowadays I was raised to help everyone in need no matter what but what do I know I’m just a gun owning patriotic American and you sir are a piece of sh**.”