Man who claimed mom died due to Trump’s ban lied, Imam confirms

Imam Husham Al-Hussainy, the leader of the Karbalaa Islamic Educational Center in Dearborn, that Mike Hager attends debunked Hager’s claim that his mother died in Iraq after Trump’s ban.

In fact, Al-Hussainy said, Hager’s mother died five days earlier, on Jan. 22. She had been receiving treatment for kidney disease in Michigan before she traveled to Iraq to visit family and passed away while she was there.

Hager had claimed that his mother died after his family was turned away from entering the United States because of the ban, despite being green card holders. He went on to claim that he was allowed through because he is an American citizen, but his mother and the rest of the family returned only for his mother to pass away on Saturday. He also claimed that she would still be alive if she had been allowed back into the United States.

The ban, which was instituted over the weekend, prevented travelers from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Yemen and Somalia from entering the country for 90 days with the claim that the United States needed to detect “individuals with terrorist ties and stopping them from entering the United States.”

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