Oprah blamed for 53 percent of white women voting for Trump

Comedian Nikki Glaser knows who is to blame for the 53 percent of white women who voted for Donald Trump, and it isn’t white women. According to Glaser, the fault lies with Oprah Winfrey.

“Did Oprah ever speak out against Trump? Are we angry that she didn’t? It really could’e helped w/that 53% of white women who voted for him,” Glaser tweeted, apparently blaming Winfrey because she had a fanbase of white women in her talk show days.

A few minutes later, in the midst of almost immediate backlash Glaser tweeted, “Follow up: to all rich, influential celebs who kept quiet about Trump in the interest of not alienating half your fan base: YOU ARE PU**IES.”

She later deleted the post about Oprah, after Twitter totally came for her. She then followed up with a tweet calling out “all” rich and influential