#Evoklife: A weekend wellness retreat fit for a queen

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

On the heels of the Women’s March, Buick and General Motors hosted a women’s wellness retreat for women in media, including theGrio, which focused on improving our mind, body and spirit. It was a chance to relax, rejuvenate, and have a little fun in a safe space with like-minded women.

It was also an opportunity to strategize on how women can live a life we were designed to live, and by our own measure of success.

The getaway, planned in partnership with evokLIFE, included a luxury retreat experience complete with spa services, open meditation, delicious dining, and an in-person BEprinting™ design session led by a team of productivity experts, life designers and coaches and energy practitioners to envision and evoke a “new me” from the inside-out.

The first of its kind, Evók specializes in programs that are designed and engineered to blueprint a unique, personalized, step-by-step pathway to achieve one’s targeted goals.

The retreat was an emotional whirlwind and left attendees feeling vulnerable yet joyful, ultimately leading to genuine connections, with valuable lessons learned along the way. The weekend kicked off with a breakfast in New York before we embarked on a relaxing drive 4-plus hours away to the MGM National Harbor in the all-new Buick Envision. The Buick Envision’s sound proof cabin, intuitive technology, and booming Bose sound system made getting there just as fun as being there.

I, like most of the women, left the retreat feeling empowered. Empowered to grow into our best self with a higher consciousness, while allowing ourselves the grace to take it one day at a time. True change and growth, of any kind, happens with time, and evokLIFE taught me that, with patience and hard work, anything can be yours for the taking.

Led by the company’s managing partners, Radiah Rhodes, Dr. Roni Ellington, and Tawana Bhagwat, Saturday’s workshop was just what I needed to kick my personal goals for 2017 into high gear.

Because Buick was designed to evoke wellness, the trip demonstrated ways to enjoy a weekend getaway while leaving a positive impact and maintaining personal wellness and development. A perfect partner, Evoklife’s work is built on the belief that transformation is a culture and a lifestyle — not an intervention — and that we can all be taught how to transform our lives at will.