KKK imperial wizard’s wife and stepson charged with his murder

The wife and stepson of KKK Imperial Wizard Frank Ancona, of Missouri, were arrested on Monday and charged with his murder.

Malissa Ancona and her son, Paul Edward Jinkerson Jr., face charges of first degree, tampering with evidence and abandoning a corpse, according to the Park Hills Daily Journal.

According to authorities, Ancona was killed in the master bedroom of his home, and Malissa admitted when she was detained that her biological son had shot her husband while he was sleeping.

KKK imperial wizard’s wife and stepson charged with his murder

Originally, Malissa had told authorities that her husband was driving across state lines for work and that she would be filing for divorce when he returned. She had also already placed an ad on social media looking for a roommate to replace him.

Ancona was the “Imperial Wizard” for a group called the “Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.” 

“The media will tell you the KKK is dead, gone, irrelevant,” Ancona said in a statement on the American Knights website. “They have tried since the birth of the Klan to downplay the influence and power of the KKK… Let me tell you they are the haters. They have engaged in a campaign to destroy our race, culture, and heritage.”

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