‘Barack Obama Day’ held at Morehouse on President’s Day

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On President’s Day, Newsone hosted the inaugural “Barack Obama Day” on the campus of Morehouse College.

The day was marked with a symposium featuring African-American thought leaders, intellectuals and writers, including Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, author Mychal Denzel Smith (Invisible Man Got the Whole World Watching), cultural critic Michaela Angela Davis, Panama Jackson (Very Smart Brothers), writer Rembert Browne and Joshua DuBois (former Presidential advisor and author, The President’s Devotional), as well as scholars Greg Carr (Howard University), David Wall Rice and Jamila Lyn (Morehouse College).

“This year, we are seizing the traditional President’s Day holiday as an opportunity to take a nuanced look at the good, the bad and the complicated moments of the Obama presidency, and the future of his legacy,” reads a flyer for the event at the college. “Join us for a powerful day of dialogue, debate, and discourse.”

“The relationship between our audiences and this president is a complicated and special one”, said Jamilah Lemieux, Vice President of News and Men’s Programming at iOne Digital. “It is our goal to use this holiday as an opportunity to have healthy, nuanced dialogue about his successes, his challenges and what the African American community must do to continue to push for equality in this country,” Lemieux added.

“We hope that Obama Day will continue to grow in the years to come, and that folks will host similar events in their own communities.”

The whole thing was live streamed on Facebook. You can check it out below: