Rasta says Trump deportation policy is a sign for blacks to return to Africa

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Priest Prince, a member of the Ethiopian Africa Black International Congress, along with more than a dozen other Rastafarians, went to Kingston, Jamaica in order to petition for repatriation.

In doing so, Prince praised the deportation policy of Donald Trump.

“My word to the prime minister, mi woulda love him get to Donald Trump and mek him know is a good work Donald Trump doing by stepping up the repatriation programme. Him must work with Donald Trump to help get the people from Jamaica to Africa through the repatriation process,” Prince said, later adding, “The greatest mission and programme today is to repatriate the people dem to Africa through the Jamaica Government.”

Prince called Trump’s deportation policy “the repatriation process stepping up.”

“I see him taking the black people and sending them to Jamaica, but he should just send them to Africa and done because sending them to Jamaica is going to stir up more rioting and war because many will come hungry, no money. If him coulda send dem to Africa it would be more preferable for everyone,” he explained.

Prince is part of a group demanding repatriation to Africa, as the Rastas refer to themselves as “captive children of Babylon.”

“Everyone is going back to his own vine and fig tree. Africa fi the Africans, China for the Chinese, Syria fi the Syrians, Europe for the white people dem, and Jamaica is an inheritance fi the Arawak Indians. Everything would fall in its rightful place. Until Africa is redeemed, you naah go have nuh peace pon di Earth,” explained Priest Weston Waite.