(Photo: ABC/Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Casey Affleck won the Academy Award for Best Actor last night, and as he got up to receive the award, Denzel Washington’s reaction and facial expressions pretty much summed up how everyone felt.

Affleck won the award for his role in Manchester by the Sea, but Washington’s performance in Fences had most people convinced that the award was going to him. Even Affleck seemed to be among those who thought that way, as he mentioned Washington in his acceptance speech.

“One of the first people who taught me how to act was Denzel Washington, and I just met him tonight,” Affleck said. “I’m only here really because of all the talents and good will of so many people that are impossible to name, but most of all, Kenneth Lonergan who made this part, and without this part and without his writing, I wouldn’t be here for sure. I wish I had something bigger and more meaningful to say, but I just look out at you, and I’m proud to be a part of this community. I’m just dumbfounded that I’m included.”

In addition to the perceived snub of Washington, many people were upset by Affleck’s win because of the sexual harassment allegations leveled against him, which were settled out of court.

Check out Washington’s reactions, along with Twitter’s reactions, below.