Octavia Spencer discusses the ‘joy’ of figuring out how to play God in ‘The Shack’

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With another Oscar nomination and critical acclaim for her role in Hidden Figures, actress Octavia Spencer continues to raise the bar for actresses everywhere.

Spencer’s latest film, The Shack, sees her in a role that she undoubtedly hasn’t played before: God.

“Octavia has nothing to do with ‘The Shack,’ except be a vessel for God,” Spencer said of her role in the new Christian drama. “So I had to take my own personal feelings and things out of it. But I tell you the joy in trying to figure out how to play God – there were a lot of lessons that I took away from that.”

The film centers around the Spencer and her relationship with actor Sam Worthington’s character “Mack Phillips.” Phillips is a grieving father whose daughter was viciously murdered. His faith and passions are tested in ways he’s never experienced – and that’s exactly where Spencer comes in.

“I think ‘The Shack’ offers some beautiful healing moments,” Spencer said. “[The movie also] allows people to examine their own lives and perhaps find ways to get out of the ruts that they’re in.”