Remy Ma drops ‘Another One’ for Nicki Minaj

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On Thursday, Remy Ma released another diss track against Nicki Minaj titled “Another One.”

In the track, Remy asserts her dominance with lyrics like: “I guess you know now who the head b***h is/ I’m a savage, I be killin’ dead b******s/ I bet you wish that you ain’t never said s**t” and “I ain’t sparrin’ with you bozos/ My raps too hard and you Miguel Cotto.”

Then she lays down the law: don’t mess with Remy Ma.

“Don’t know what made you think that you could f**k with Rem/ But I guess this is what I gotta do to make ya spit.”

She continues:

Oh, and if you doubt that, you can catch me outside, bitch, how bout that?
When it’s dark and hell is hot, I’ll DM your ex
Sittin’ here now like, “Who I’ma DM next?”
I handle these bars like a BMX, Grrr
Get at me dog, DMX
And I’m waitin’ for a bitch to talk outta her neck
‘Cause we got pictures, we got videos, and we got texts

So far Nicki has not to respond to Remy in song, but even with two diss tracks under her belt, some are declaring Nicki the winner by default, as most agreed the Bronx rapper rushed too soon to release another track and, subsequently “SHEthered” herself. The ball, however, is still in Nicki’s court.

Read some reactions below.