Remy Ma reveals real beef with Nicki Minaj on ‘Wendy’

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On The Wendy Williams Show, Remy Ma revealed the real reason why she chose to “SHEther” rap rival Nicki Minaj in a nearly seven-minute diss track.

The Bronx rapper told Wendy Williams that, contrary to popular belief, her clap back had nothing to do with subliminal digs in songs, but rather Nicki’s attempts to discredit her “behind the scenes.”

–Remy Ma drops ‘Another One’ for Nicki Minaj–

“She started…she’s been doing this to a lot of females from Lil Kim to Mariah [Carey] to Taylor [Swift] to [Miley Cyrus]–and no one says anything,” Remy said, adding that Nicki allegedly tried to keep her off red carpets and “make sure awards don’t go to me or she’s not going to be attendance.”

Remy also accused Nicki of trying to get “people to make bad reports” about her album sales or “anything I’m doing to make me look less and make her look better.

“When you’re trying to stop my bag, when you’re trying to stop me from taking care of my children…I have a problem with that,” she added.

The “All The Way Up” also slammed Minaj for not being a “nice person.”

“If I learned anything from this I realized that I have to be a certain way to everybody; the help, the hair, the makeup, the person holding the door, because so many people have been coming, and the things that I’ve been hearing I said ‘Nah, I’m not going to say that…that’s too much,” she said.

As for speaking on her issues with Nicki, Remy vowed she was done. She also dressed up like she was going to a funeral and said that, as her grandmother told her, “you never speak ill of the dead.”

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