Andrew Wilson has been in prison for 32 years, but on Wednesday, an LA judge tossed out his murder conviction and ordered that he be released “as soon as possible.”

Wilson had been convicted of a 1984 stabbing of 21-year-old Christopher Hanson, but in revisiting the case, prosecutors said that Wilson did not get a “fundamentally fair trial,” reports Fox 11. Deputy District Attorney Etty Jerez noted that “cumulative errors,” including officers pressuring witnesses and impeachment evidence not being turned over, were made leading up to Wilson’s conviction.

“Numerous due process violations that recently came to light show conclusively that Mr. Wilson did not receive a fair trial,” his attorney, Paula Mitchell, told reporters following the trial. “Mr. Wilson is elated. He is so glad this is finally over.”

However, while the district attorney’s office stated that it would not re-file its charges against Wilson and noted that it was “explicitly clear” that Wilson was “denied a fundamentally fair trial,” the office said that it did not feel Wilson was “factually innocent.” To determine that, a hearing is scheduled for May, as Wilson would need to be declared “factually innocent” in order to get compensation from the state for his imprisonment.

In the meantime, Wilson is expected to be released from jail on Thursday.