Black Greeks clean up beach after partying in Miami

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A group of Spring Breakers saw the mess that their partying had left behind on South Beach, and they decided to take the time to clean up after themselves.

Members of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. at Florida International University saw the beach maintenance crew cleaning up after their party on March 13 and got to work as well, joining them and even prompting other beachgoers to help. They also got dumpster rentals to throw their garbage in. Talk about responsible!

“It doesn’t take much to pick up after yourself after partying,” Jourman Triana, a member of the fraternity, told the Miami Herald. “You can have fun and also do the right thing.”

What’s more, the fraternity members wanted to “break that stereotype” that the historically black fraternity would not clean up after themselves as well as the stereotype that spring breakers were disruptive and a nuisance when they came down to South Beach and areas like it.

Their actions were seen by Miami Police, who were so grateful for the gesture that they took to Twitter to laud the fraternity members’ actions, saying, “A big thank you to the @FIU spring breakers who stayed last night and helped clean up the beach! #KeepMBClean.”

We hope this is part of a good responsibility trend, especially since it comes just days after a different group of college students in South Florida, some of home were on Spring Break themselves, helped to clean up Fort Lauderdale Beach.