Clinton calls out sexism and racism directed at Maxine Waters, April Ryan

Recently, Hillary Clinton addressed the Professional Businesswomen of California conference and spoke about sexism in the workplace. In doing so, she specifically pointed to a recent exchange between White House press secretary Sean Spicer and reporter April Ryan.

“Where everyday sexism and structural barriers were once blatant, today they are sometimes harder to spot. But make no mistake: they’re still with us. Just look at all that’s happened in the last two days to women who were simply doing their jobs,” Clinton said.

“April Ryan, a respected journalist, with unrivaled integrity, was doing her job just this afternoon in the White House press room when she was patronized and cut off trying to ask a question,” she continued.

She then went on to give another example: “One of your own California Congresswomen, Maxine Waters, was taunted with a racist joke about her hair.”

“Now, too many women, especially women of color, have had a lifetime of practice taking precisely these kinds of indignities in stride. But why should we have to?” she asked. “And any woman that thinks it couldn’t be directed at her is living in a dream world.”