An Alcorn State University student running for Miss Senior 2017-2018 is parodying the ‘90s hit comedy “Martin” as part of her campaign, and it’s pretty much perfect.

According to Shemesha Martin, the idea to make a video remixing the hit show’s theme song came simply from the fact that her last name is “Martin,” and the idea grew from there. She said that her campaign manager, Shaqunna Sardin, had the idea: “She was like, ‘Mesha what about ‘Martin,’ and you can be like vote for Shemesha Martinnnnn.’ I thought it was a good idea.”

— SportsCenter brilliantly pays tribute to ‘A Different World’ — 

The video, which was directed by Michael Watts and Herman Ceasar and stars Martin’s friend Jacobi Holt, is not the only Martin-themed part of Martin’s campaign, either. For example, she has created an acronym called WZUP: Working Zestfully Unto Progression, and her campaign events are similarly named for famous sayings and phrases from the show.

“Once we started thinking about his famous quotes, it was easy to  come up with event ideas,” she said. “For example, Martin [is] always saying ‘Martin Love the Kids’ and I thought that would be a great community service project at the daycare on campus. It really just fit the whole concept of the theme.”

Check out the epic theme song parody below!