Bryshere Gray’s mom explains why she still works despite his success

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Though her famous son is on one of the biggest shows on television, Andria Mayberry says that doesn’t mean she’s going to quit her day job any time soon.

During an appearance on The Real, Mayberry, the mother of Empire star Bryshere “Yazz” Gray, was asked why she continues to work as a nurse despite her son’s massive TV and film success.

“I been there 16  years. I love the nursing field and I’m an independent woman,” Mayberry said, explaining that she would like Gray to “save his money.”

“I make my own money,” she added.

Mayberry is currently promoting on her book, Before Empire: Raising Bryshere Gray “Yazz the Greatest, which details how she handled raising Gray and his struggles with ADHD.

On advice for single mothers like her, Mayberry has a simple message: “Hold on. Stick by your children. It’s very important. We have to make sacrifices for our children.Whatever you’re doing, you have to educate yourself on it. Whether they want to be a doctor, an educator…you have to educate yourself.”