Video catches Uber passenger threatening driver with false rape claims

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In an 8-minute video uploaded to LiveLeak on Tuesday, an Uber passenger allegedly threatens a driver with false rape accusations.

The video starts in the middle of an argument between the driver and passenger as the female passenger repeatedly tells the male driver to “call the cops.”

A minute in, the driver tells the passenger to get out. “Get out of my car,” he says. “I’m not moving. We’re gonna sit here. You’re still getting charged.” He adds that the woman is “disrespecting” him and asks what her problem is.

— Uber hires Eric Holder to investigate sexual harassment claims — 

The passenger continues to argue with the driver, claiming that he hit her in the face, to which he responds that she threatened and hit him.

“I’m gonna start screaming out the window that you’re raping me, that you raped me,” she says at one point, later telling him to “go back to your country” and telling him that President Donald Trump will “send you and your family back.”

Finally, the woman exits the vehicle, and the driver turns to the camera to call her a “stupid Bronx bi*ch” before apologizing for his language.

“People disrespect us, talk sh** to us like it’s nothing, man,” the driver says.

Uber has confirmed that they are aware of the matter and are looking into it.