‘Chasing Trane’: Documentary takes intimate look at John Coltrane

The John Coltrane Documentary tells the unfiltered story of a revolutionary individual who was much more than just a musical artist. Coltrane’s gift allowed him to tell stories, change lives, and ultimately make connections with his audience that transcend through time.

The documentary breaks down exactly how Coltrane’s upbringing in the ‘American South’ had much to do with his developed passion. Coltrane had some of his first musical experiences in “The Black Church,” and little did he know at the time that music and spirituality would become driving forces in his life. It was in the process of trying to find himself that he found God. During this journey, he established universal life lessons that appealed to various groups, no matter their race, religion, age and geography.

Check out this EXCLUSIVE clip below:

Director John Scheinfeld is most known for his ability to tap into the untold story of some of the most iconic figures of our time. Scheinfeld used Coltrane’s life of overcoming feelings of defeat from the Jim Crow era to convey a message of resilience.

“The Jim Crow South was a reference for what the South was like after the Civil War,” said former Pres. Bill Clinton in an interview for the documentary.

“It was a place ready-made for the Blues, ready-made for Jazz, ready-made for people using their pain to catapult their art.”

— Fans hope John Coltrane home can become NY museum — 

The film opens Friday, April 14th, in New York, and next Friday, April 21st, in Los Angeles. Additional cities to follow…