(Photo: Lars Niki/Getty Images/Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Talib Kweli thinks that the reason President Donald Trump was elected is because America wanted revenge for the first African-American president.

In speaking to TMZ, Kweli said that Trump’s presidency has “made people understand the bar is set way lower for white people.”

“Trump can be mediocre, he could be a failure,” Kweli continued. “Obama had to work so much more hard. Harder than anybody else. He had so many more obstacles in front of him than Donald Trump had. And he still was called a monkey. He was still called a liar to his face by our Congressman. Donald Trump lies every day. Ain’t nobody calling him a liar to his face.”

He then said, “That’s the whole reason Donald Trump’s president. That’s America paying us back for the n***a president.”

As to whether or not he would be willing to talk with the current president of the United States, Kweli’s answer was vehement: “Absolutely not.”

“He would have to make a lot of apologies before I would sit down with a man like that,” he said.

He then continued, “America is great. Not because rich, straight white men who have always been in power make it great. America’s great because of diversity.”