‘Momma, Did You Hear The News?’: New book helps parents talk about police brutality

Sanya Gragg is acutely aware of the fact that parents nowadays doing just have ‘the talk’ with their kids about the birds and the bees but also ‘the talk’ about police brutality and what to do if they are faced with the fact that their skin color may make them a target.

“I knew there would be many families having ‘the talk’ with their children,” Gragg told The Huffington Post. “It confirmed that this was my assignment.”

To that end, Gragg decided to write a children’s book called Momma, Did You Hear The News? 

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In the book, Gragg even provides a mantra for parents to teach their children:

A – Always use your manners
L – Listen and comply
I – In control of your emotions
V – Visible hands always
E – Explain everything
“I definitely want everybody to ‘Memorize the 5!’’’ she explained. “I think even adults who have been driving for years may get anxious if pulled over. This just gives a quick mental checklist to help you come home alive.”
Gragg also noted that it seems ‘the talk’ needs to be given at a younger age as time goes on, which is why she wrote a children’s book about it.
“I think [that] because of social media and our children’s access to it, this conversation is happening much sooner,” Gragg said. “What used to be a concern once our children started driving is now a concern if they are just walking down the street. I think this book can really help with the introduction of this topic.”
You can check out her book here.