TV One readies biopic ‘All This Love: The DeBarge Family Story’

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TV One is reportedly putting together a biopic about the DeBarge family, one of the American music industry’s most powerful family groups: All This Love: The DeBarge Family Story. 

The biopic will apparently focus on the family story as told through the eyes of Etterline Abney, the matriarch of the family. Abney had been married to Robert Louis DeBarge, Sr. for 21 years before they divorced, and Abney took her children, several of whom said that their father had abused them sexually, on her move to Illinois. There, her ten children would be discovered and the family would become a music phenomenon.

Per TV One:

After her marriage with Robert DeBarge, a handsome white soldier, goes through a turbulent unraveling, Etterline Abney relocates her children to Illinois. The children begin singing in her brother’s church. Two of the brothers record a demo tape that, with the help of Jermaine Jackson, falls into the hands of Motown founder Berry Gordy – and the rest is history. All This Love is a story whose tale is woven with music, fame, success, romance, sibling rivalry, drugs and bonded by the glue of Abney’s love that strains to keep them all together.