Couple with five children adopts six siblings so they can stay together

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An Ohio couple who already had five children of their own adopted another six so that the siblings could all stay together.

Christopher and Christina Sanders adopted Caleb, Coby, Christian, Caylee, Carson and Chloe after initially taking them on as foster children. The kids range from ages 9 to 16. The Sanders’ oldest biological child is 19.

Christopher, Cameron, Caden, Chaz and Caitlyn welcomed their new siblings even though they are from different backgrounds.

“We’re all the same in God’s eyes, so the color of anyone’s skin has never had a bearing on any of this,” Christopher Sanders told WCPO.

While Coby, Christian, Caleb and Carson were the first to be sent to the Sanders’ home, they missed their two siblings, so the Sanders adopted Caylee and Chloe once their oldest child moved out and they were able to do so.

Now, the Sanders family has started up a GoFundMe page in order to get a 15-passenger van “so that the whole family can travel together.”

“We were having a rough life (before),” Caleb, 13, told the judge in Hamilton County Adoption Court.

“And you feel like you’re in a safe place now?” Judge Ralph Winkler asked, to which Caleb nodded yes.

If you are interested in child adoption, you might want to consider consulting an adoption agency for legal steps to follow.