Condoleezza Rice appeared on The View to promote her new book, Democracy, but the co-hosts weren’t about to let her get away without asking for her take on some of the biggest news stories of the week, asking her to speak on President Donald Trump’s accomplishments and blunders.

Rice was diplomatically kind in speaking of the current president, saying, “We have a different kind of president.”

“He had never been in government before,” she added. “And when you haven’t been in government before, sometimes it looks kind of easy in there, until you get in there. And when he said, you know, this job’s a lot harder than I thought, I actually kind of felt bad for him, because it is a really hard job, and it’s a lonely job, and you want people around you who you trust.”

The group went on to discuss other news stories like the investigation into Russia’s tampering with the election and ties to the Trump administration before wrapping up with Joy Behar surprising Rice by saying, “He made me love George Bush, I’ll tell you that.”

“I never thought I’d hear you say that, so thank you very, very much,” Rice replied.

Her segment is below at the 7:00 mark.

— Trump fires FBI Director James Comey —