L.A. Reid accused of workplace harassment before ‘Epic’ exit

According to Billboard, Reid abruptly left Sony Music Entertainment's Epic Records after a female staffer alleged “unlawful harassment of an employee.”

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Recently, Antonio “L.A.” Reid abruptly left Sony Music Entertainment’s Epic Records, and according to Billboard, the exit came after a female staffer wrote a letter detailing allegations of “unlawful harassment of an employee.”

The letter described how Reid would allegeldy make inappropriate remarks about the staffer’s clothing and looks and would proposition her daily, to the point that she was unable to do her job. The letter alleged that the staffer was under constant distress and that the remarks and propositions caused her daily embarrassment.

The staffer allegedly threatened to sue if a settlement was not reached. The letter allegedly prompted Sony to launch an investigation into the matter.

While it has not been clear if Sony’s investigation into the matter has determined whether the allegations are factual, Billboard reported a rep from Reid’s camp saying that the letter had inaccuracies. Sony itself has only commented in a one-sentence release saying that Reid had, in fact, left the company.

The statement was made two days after his exit, and Sony has not commented any further on the matter, nor have they put forward any names as to who would replace Reid as the head of the records company.