Don Lemon rips guest in debate blaming Trump for assault of reporter

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Republican congressional candidate Greg Gianforte attacked reporter Ben Jacobs on Wednesday, and Don Lemon isn’t going to accept any explanation other than that Donald Trump is to blame.

During a panel, Lemon asked Paris Dennard’s opinion on the incident, and when Dennard started to cite the movie Election, Lemon broke in with, “You don’t think it’s because of a guy who’s in office now has said very horrible things about reporters, and has said that the reporters are the enemy of the American people?”

“No, Don,” Dennard said, trying to continue what he was saying, but Lemon continued right on.

“That has nothing to do with anything — that people feel that they can get away with it? Because I don’t believe that you actually believe that. There’s no way you believe what you’re saying,” Lemon said, though Dennard pointed out after Ana Navarro laughed and claimed that he did believe it that he “actually…didn’t get a chance to say anything.”

The two of them went back and forth on the matter for a while, with Dennard at one point saying, “Don, if you’re trying to make a connection or a correlation.”

Fnally, Dennard shouted, “What does Donald Trump have anything to do with what this candidate did? Let’s hold the candidate responsible.”

Lemon responded by quoting Donald Trump as a candidate on the campaign trail and said, “If you think that that doesn’t have anything to do with it, then you are sadly, sadly mistaken, my friend.”

“Call me sadly mistaken, but you’re wrong,” Dennard shot back, to which Lemon replied, “I just did. Thank you.”