Kim Kardashian addresses Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi debacle

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After the debacle that was the widely-derided Pepsi ad Kendall Jenner ran, Kim Kardashian is speaking out for her sister, saying that Jenner absolutely understands the backlash and feels horrible about it.

“She totally understood at the end of the day, and she felt really awful for it. She just wants to move on from it,” Kardashian said on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.”

Although Kardashian didn’t get to see the ad herself until it was in the throes of public scorn, she did note that she doesn’t believe her sister wanted to be part of anything as controversial as that ad.

— Pepsi stock surged during scandal, plunges after apology — 

“I think anytime someone does anything, they don’t have bad intentions of doing it a certain way, especially because Kendall is so sensitive,” Kardashian said. “She would never mean for anyone to perceive anything in a negative way.”

The Pepsi ad in question caused controversy when Jenner seemed to co-opt the Black Lives Matter movement. The since-pulled commercial showcased Jenner in a photoshoot joining a protest and then offering a Pepsi to a police officer.

Pepsi offered an apology to Jenner for involving her in the commercial after it was pulled.