Officers raid drug dealer’s house while he’s flaunting money on Facebook Live

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A Florida man was flaunting money on a Facebook Live video when the live broadcast instead captured police officers who were conducting a raid on his home.

Several people sent in Facebook Live video to the local news of a man who appears to be Breon Hollings flashing money at the camera before police interrupt on a loudspeaker, at which point Hollings looks out of the window and then runs out of the room.

“This is Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office. We have a search warrant,” the police on the loudspeaker can be heard to say, followed by a series of loud noises that neighbors claimed were caused by officers trowing smoke grenades into Hollings’ home.

“It sounded like bombs going off,” a neighbor recalled. “Like big bombs. Like a car wreck or something.”

Eventually, a police officer is seen to walk in view of the camera, and multiple officers are seen in and out of the room prior to the end of the video.

Hollings was arrested and now faces several charges, including possession of a controlled substance, possession of cocaine, possession of paraphernalia for the manufacture or delivery of drugs and possession of a weapon or ammunition by a convicted felon.

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