Bill Maher’s ex-girlfriend hints that he previously used N-word

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Bill Maher’s ex-girlfriend, Coco Johnson, seems to have suggested that Maher’s recent controversy over having referred to himself as a “house n****r” was par for the course for him.

Johnson, who dated Maher for a year and a half, sued him for $9 million after their relationship dissolved not only for failing to follow through on his promise to marry her but also for verbal abuse and degrading racial comments.

“I just think that anyone who uses the N-word is very insensitive. Just use another word, you know, next time. I’m sure that he’s learned his lesson,” Johnson said when asked about Maher’s controversial joke, according to TMZ. “Maybe a little sensitivity training at the NAACP could do some use.”

Asked if she heard the N-word from Maher, she said, “I’ve heard it many times. I don’t want to say exactly from where, but I just think that anyone who uses that word, you know, you really need to use some other vocabulary. If you’re an educated person, there are many other words in the vocabulary that you could use other than that.”

“It’s so condescending, and just sad and disappointing that someone so intelligent would stoop to that level,” she added.