Alishia Noel-Murray, the Brooklyn woman who was accused of hiring a hitman to kill her husband in order to cash in on $900,000 in life insurance, married soon after her husband’s death and took a new policy out on her new husband.

“Ms. Noel, you remarried in September 2014, correct?” asked Assistant District Attorney Emily Dean during cross-examination after Noel-Murray took the stand on Tuesday.

Noel-Murray admitted that she had started dating another man less than a year after her husband, Omar Murray, had been killed. They were married the following year.

“Did you take out any insurance policies on him (your new husband)?” Dean asked. Noel-Murray confirmed that she had before the judge sustained an attorney’s objection.

Noel-Murray is accused of having told her lover, Dameon Lovell, in February 2013 that she needed her husband killed in order to cash in on the insurance policies she had on him so that she could clear up her debts. Lovell testified that he made a deal with Kirk Portious, paying him $3500 to kill Murray.

Noel-Murray claimed that she was thousands of dollars in debt to her mother, though her mother, Patricia Noel, took the stand as the prosecution’s rebuttal witness to say, “I asked her to give me $500 a month to clear up the debt and she gave me nothing.”

Noel-Murray also admitted to being upset with her husband after catching him lying and cheating with prostitutes. She had also found out that he had fathered a child with someone else.