Omari Hardwick and Lela Loren talk POWER’s shocking Season 3 cliffhanger & social media drama

After all the betrayal Angela Valdes (Lela Loren) endured from Ghost (Omari Hardwick), justice appears to be served as she locks him up by the end of season 3. Could Angela finally come out on top in the upcoming new season? 

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Lela Loren speaks on Angela’s role in the finale: “I don’t look at it as like a win that she wanted. I look at it as her trying to put an end to the madness. She knows that he had a body count, and she kind of let it slide, right. Because she loved him, and she was sort of taking his word that he was going to change. And now there is evidence, that all points to him, that he murdered someone who is innocent, who’s in her world.”

Fans were not happy that Loren’s character Angela Valdes got back together with Ghost and caused the separation between Ghost and Tasha St. Patrick.  She experienced harassment on social media, and her locking Ghost up only triggered even more hate. Fans used social media to voice how they wished her character would die, and even went as far as threatening to kill her in real life.

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“I think a lot of them need help,” says Loren.

Viewers can’t seem to separate reality from television and with all the social media outlets, it grants them access to cross the lines and bash artists. There’s a level of entitlement that can make it very uncomfortable for anyone in the entertainment industry.

Hardwick says, “We actually haven’t had empirical evidence ever that our grandparents were taking things as serious when watching entertainment.  I would go so far as to say they weren’t because social media wasn’t a play. 

“Hardwick speaks on the level of intimacy that many don’t consider between an actor and viewer.

“You know they are wearing underwear and watching us on TV. Think about it. Somebody on Sunday night is totally in pajamas, if less than that, and you’re in their living room. We don’t think about that, so the intimacy is so there, that I gotta imagine our ancestral family members didn’t necessarily have to be so about the artist, ” Hardwick says.  “They were about the art that the artist created. Now, people are a little bit too much about the artist.” 

The battle between love and honor continues in the premiere of season 4 on Sunday, June 25th.

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