Jesse Williams says wife only lets him see children three hours a day

Jesse Williams has reportedly been trying to sort things out amicably with his estranged wife, Aryn Drake-Lee, but now, he is asking a judge to step in to sort out a custody battle.

Williams claims that he has been trying to spend more time with their kids, 3-year-old Sadie and 2-year-old Maceo, but Drake-Lee has reportedly been blocking him from seeing them for more than three hours a day and has blocked him from letting them sleep over at his place altogether.

Williams added that he is trying to be there for his kids, renting a home less than three miles away from Drake-Lee so that he can be present in his kids’ lives. He even showed off his knowledge of their favorite foods and nicknames to prove that he is present in their lives and involved: mac and cheese for “Sadie Munchkin” and “anything we put in front of ‘Mace.'”

But while Williams had hoped to settle the custody issues with Drake-Lee informally, he now believes that it would be impossible to do so, and so he is asking a judge to step in and resolve their custody battle, hopefully so he can see his kids more often.